Working Fields

Working Fields



We co-operate as media and news partner to successful your arranged seminar.


IU Official Program

We serve the news of Islamic University’s official and academic programmes.


National Day Program

We love to cover National day programmes that held at Islamic University.  


Political Affairs

We collect news of all the political organizations of Islamic University. 


Social Org. Program

We provide media coverage to the programs of all the socio-cultural organizations active in Islamic University.


Departmental Program

By being media partner, we are precursory from others to successful your departmental programmes.


Believing in the spirit of liberation war and progressively, 'Islamic University Reporters Unity' is working so hard. Started in 2018, they have won the heart of most of the students of IU. Besides boys, they have given the opportunity to the girls to practice in journalism. It has increased their liability with popularity. Last year, they played a significant role by helping the helpless admission seeker which is really commendable.
Working Fields - Islamic University Reporters Unity
Shaikh Raiyan
President, Tarunno

Islamic University is one of the top educational institution in the south-western region after the independence of the country. It's located in the remote area of a village between Kushtia and Jhenaidah districts. Currently the university is on the way of internationalization. Being located in a marginal area, it was difficult to present the campus to the country and the nation. With the exception of a few organizations, there were no organizations that could present the campus to the world through writing. After the establishment of IU Reporters Unity, the development of the campus and progressive activities are getting highlighted to the world. Believing in the spirit of the liberation war they have created a unique position through their writing. Their speciality is, "They never hesitate to disclose any truth." Besides, they present the campus to the country positively. I think their biggest achievement that they are the first organization who give the chance to the female student to practice journalism in the history of IU and the campus will remember it for lifetime. I wish Reporters Unity will continue their successful journey forever.
Working Fields - Islamic University Reporters Unity
Ariful Islam
Asst. Professor, Islamic University
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